Let’s Be Friends

There are millions of fantastic blogs out there, and thousands of them are based off a common subject: nails. I know they are out there because I have spent hours and days scrolling through them, myself. Some of them are rather quite informative and chalk-full of goodie-ness. That being said: I couldn’t find a few things I was looking for on them. Instead of getting frustrated, which we all do, let’s be honest here, it occurred to me- Why not just make it yourself? So here we are.

I wanted a main hub that has access to any and every corner of the nail-web world. From Youtube® tutorials on various styles of nail care, to swatching of nail polishes, and comparisons to updates on which company has a sale going on, and links to different sites for materials as well as different blogs… the list goes on and on. It is going to take some time, so I only ask that you have the heart to be patient here.

I am in no-wise an expert, just a very serious nail-fanatic. My goal is to bring something to the online world of nails and nail art that is a treasured and functional tool for many. That being said, something like this takes a village to build, so I invite you, dear friends, to offer opinions and suggestions that you feel may be useful.

Take a peek around, and enjoy. Please leave comments and feedback, it is always appreciated, and I shall do my utmost to return the favor. Have a good day, and happy reading!


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