Polishes – O.P.I.


Three simple letters that pack a big punch. From my days of scouring the nail-web, O.P.I. is easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest, player in the polish department. If you have never used their polishes, or are just starting out and are unsure of what polishes to buy, O.P.I. is a dependable source. New bottles usually go for around an average of $10.50/bottle, depending on where you shop. It is a little spend-y compared to a bottle of drug-store polish, but you get a lot of polish in a bottle, it lasts for years, and they wear great.

The pigments that you see in the bottle are fairly accurate when they are dried on your nail, and depending on the color, they can take a few coats to get the desired result.

>>SIDE NOTE: I want to take a second here to comment on something that I have seen in this industry, in blogs, youtube channels, etc., etc., etc. Not all nail polishes are supposed to cover in one coat. Sure, it can be nice sometimes when it is possible with some colors, but that is far from the most important thing about a polish. Layers and coats is what helps the color wear longer as well as be stronger on your nail. Thinner layers are harder to chip than thicker ones. Above and beyond that, the designers that create these polishes have achieved exactly what they wanted to with a color before they release it, and with most colors, that requires more than one coats. Be it for the depth of a jelly or the coverage of a glitter, or the smoothness of a solid. Multiple coats are not a bad thing to have in polishes.

Ok, rant over. Moving on.

O.P.I. also loves their collections. They have a new collection for every season that comes out, and then some additional ones scattered in between, usually with some fun effect, such as their Metemorphisis® Collection.

O.P.I. is a staple in my personal collection and I thoroughly enjoy playing with their colors. O.P.I. also has a complete line of what they call their Infinite Shine, which is a line-up of lacquer colors designed to have a gel-like wear without the hassle of a salon or the gel polish itself. It is a system that entails a three-step process including a proprietary base coat that uses ProStay technology, the color coat itself, and a setting top coat that enforces the entire manicure while giving you a maximum shine. If you are someone who struggles to keep polish on your nails for more than a day, or even a few hours, this may be something to look into and see if it will work better for you.

For those who are more experienced with nails, and want to venture into the realm of gels, O.P.I. also has that for you. I will admit that I have no personal experience with their gels, but I do have my experiences with the rest of their products, and given that, I would recommend the O.P.I. Gel Collections for sure.

O.P.I. makes a great product so it is no wonder they are an industry leader. I will definitely be following up with them as new collections come out and as exciting events take place. If you have any collections that you would like to see swatched, or have questions about, I invite you to place them below and I will get back to you.


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