Color Wheel

Polish-Polish-Polish-Polish! That is why we are all here. And polish means: Color. Any color you want. Let’s go for a Gentle nude on Sunday and a raving Hot Pink for Friday night, and everything in between, and then some.

This is the page of Polishes. Any and all polish brands and collections. If you have requests to see brands or collections posted about, reviewed and/or swatched please leave me a comment and I will address it and add it to my to-do list.

To start off this wonderful page I will list out my favorite brands, which you can plan on seeing coming posts about. Now I do not know about every brand of polish and enjoy discovering new ones all the time, nor do I have the correct or only opinion on them, and you are welcome to disagree or add in your two cents below.

  • O.P.I.
  • China Glaze
  • Zoya
  • I.L.N.P.
  • Sally Hansen Collections
  • Twinkled T *stamping polish
  • Hit the Bottle *stamping polish
  • Konad *stamping polish
  • Models Own *may require a professional license for purchase
  • Morgan Taylor
  • EDK Nail Polishes *Stamping and Nail Lacquer